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vor 11 Monaten

OK, now we'd like to suggest a clan system for future updates. This again includes the following points:

1. The ability to form and / or join clans.

2. To ally with clans (forming alliances) and declare them or only other wars for a limited time.

3. As a member of the clan, select your own territories and make them available to the clan for the clan war (and possibly receive a gold coin reward).
So that all participants of the Clan war can build on it at will and destroy. (Possibly: also the possibility to donate own territories, ie to cede to the clan forever and to receive a much higher gold reward. These territories then belong to the clan and are automatically provided in every clan war.)

4. For the duration of the clan war, a flag will be awarded for the territories provided, each of which may be placed anywhere. The other side must destroy them and build their own in the area to conquer it. The clan that owns most of the territories at the end of the war wins it and receives a Gold Victory Reward, which is split between each clan member. In addition, the 10-100 clans with the most conquered territories receive special rewards at the end of each season (in the form of gold / special blocks / badges / challenge cups ect.). At the end of each clan war, the clan members get their territories back.

5. The possibility as a clan member of a declaration of war ect. vote or reject elections.

6. If possible, the clan system should best be managed by teleporter.

7. The abillity to chose 500-1500 Blocks of each area to make them stronger and harder to broke(maybe useable with a kind of tool for the enginer)

(8.) Eventually, tools such as catapults could be introduced later.

We are open for further additions / ideas (own opinions). Please let us know if possible. Otherwise, we would post this proposal soon step by step in the appropriate forum.

Beitrag 1–1 von 1