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Angeldust v3.17

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5 days ago

Angeldust v4.x Beta uses OpenGL 3.3 which allows all "modern" types of effects to be implemented using custom shaders and post-processing. OpenGL 3.3 forces the use of shaders to draw anything on-screen.

Shader programming is (was) all new to me. So seeing the beta evolve is kinda like seeing me pick up pieces of GPU programming and adding it to the Angeldust engine. So far I've been able to add all the cool stuff with a single render pass (except for the shadow map).

To bring the PostFX effects into the engine I'd need to add a post-processing step (which is why 'Post' 'FX' is a super duper name). This is something I also haven't done before, and it's taking its sweet time. But one day I'll get there :D Stay tuned!

I've also pulled the trigger on the server update—in a few minutes the new version will be active, forcing everyone to upgrade so that all flags can show. And the Angeldust 4.x Beta item issue should be solved too.

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