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Here are answers to frequently asked questions and links to get additional support.


Learn how to control Angeldust using a keyboard and mouse, a touchscreen or a game controller.

  1. download Angeldust for your computer, tablet or phone:
  2. register an Angeldust account
  3. start Angeldust and enter your player name and password

indicate a specific status or achievement:

A warning sign appears while playing Angeldust if your Internet connection is slow. You can perform these three steps:

  1. check if your connection (Wi-Fi) is strong enough;
  2. stop other programs and apps if possible;
  3. check if no family members are heavily using your connection.

  1. How can I ride creatures? Buy the 'Saddle' item from the in-game shop, then use it to ride on large creatures that you find in the game world. You can use the saddle an unlimited amount of times. Summon any previously ridden creature using the 'Summon a creature' action in the in-game shop.

  2. How can I fly on drakelings? Only players with a 'Donator' (or up) account badge can fly on drakelings.

  3. How do I get a pet? Submit a lottery ticket during Firefly's livestream (YouTube, Twitch)! Lottery winners receive the 'Pet snack' item on their next sign-in. You can use the pet snack to tame small creatures as many times as you want. Summon any previously tamed creature using the 'Summon a creature' action in the in-game shop.

  4. How do I prevent players from claiming next to me? Angeldust allows any player to claim land anywhere except in, or nearby wonders. You can use alternate accounts to claim safe space around your constructions. Make sure to befriend only players you trust, and use the 'Do not disturb' toggle button in the telecharger to prevent others from telecharging towards you.

  5. How do I become a 'Wonder builder'? By building a wonder, an outstanding and beautiful construction in Angeldust that showcases the many building possibilities the game has to offer. Building a wonder is a form of art. Read more about wonders…

  6. How can I visit all wonders? Make sure your telecharger is ready. Then type the following command as a chat message: /tw N. Replace N with the wonder number to visit. The about page lists all wonders along with the wonder number to use.

  7. Where are my screenshots? How can I get more out of Angeldust? To get the most out of Angeldust, get Angeldust Creator Kit with technical tips, tricks and content-creation tools! It also explains where your screenshots are!

Watch Angeldust Live!, in which Angeldust creator Frank "Firefly" Lucas plays live and answers your questions. Chat, watch and play along! Browse previous episodes and highlights. Also pay a visit to our player forums and support page.


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