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May 20/21/22: no livestream

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12 days ago

@JeremyDarkling I already scouted a few locations from level 400. We can collect new players from the play together, and see if they wanna join! The more the merrier.

Thank you for your kind support and @Lembas @rainyti- looking forward to it.
Commander at your service! Ready to go!

I even figure to wait at Firefly's house at 17:00PM (UTC):D

# 12



9 days ago

To help out with the hunt and player moderation in general, we now have (GM) SodaMeow! Over the past months I've been impressed with SodaMeow's community involvement and helpful attitude towards new players so it feels good to have another member on the game moderation team.

We're currently in a bit of a drought regarding new players, but I'm sure @SodaMeow will have a great time helping everyone out left and right! :-)

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