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hello, it's been a while.

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19 days ago

I am very sad because my friends do not turn on the gameT.T

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19 days ago

Hello there!
Don't be sad. We are around :-)
It's just that we have irl things that need to attend to.
Other than that, we are in AD whenever we are free.
Come join our Discord AD server :-)

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16 days ago

Frank said: 'The game is not ready for prime time.'
Frank says: 'Tell your friends your family members, possibly the people you work or go to school with.'

These are people you know. Firefly is knows that if people play this version of Angledust which is unfinished, they may think that this part of the game is all; they'll play for an hour or two and never think about it again.

Updates are coming. I hear big updates. So of course, what you do is wait until you get the updates in and then advertise the game. A little advertising and spreading the word would go a long way, but we cannot do that (again) yet.

What we want right now is a strong (at least semi-)dedicated player base, because we know people will play the game. Then we will know that people will stick with the game and so it's worth the effort. We then when the big updates come we add the new players to the semi-dedicated player base. When updates come and the game becomes more developed, start advertising again; new players come, there has to be someone here to greet them. That's us.

Frank says: 'Stick with it; keep playing, or at least keep your eye on angledust.'

I personally have gotten busy at work and with it being the beginning of Summer on the East coast of the United States. Anyway, this is what's the going on.

It's funny that I caught you bbamahya, hanging out at my place at level 512 were you? That was fun. I like that you have a claim out there. It really is nice out there. Blueshoes has a claim at my old hunting ground on that massive long hill. We have lots of fun. This is just a slower part in the middle or near the begining, not the end; I have no idea why it wouldn't happen.

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Kamikaze Justice

15 days ago

I've been working on some of my grandkids (I'm revealing my age?)to play AngelDust, and I've been largely unsuccessful, although, I do have one playing with me once in awhile.

Speaking of upgrades>> I really believe we need a way to write messages to our friends inside the game. Those messages will work great for when we don't get online at the same time. That message board (or chalk board) can be bought at the shop and at the very least, it can be set up at our village house for our friends to read. Or better yet, have a message board on all of our claimed lands if we wish. This is probably my greatest want in the game, and I think it would greatly enhance the game by adding functionality.

I brought this up before, but I'd also like to see all creatures not despawn when we leave the area, or leave the game. I'd like to build a zoo for my city where the creatures stay when I leave.

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14 days ago

Still buildin, 1 block a day hehe :D

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13 days ago

I'm still around. I'm busy too now, but I try to connect from time to time. I help new players usually. I use 'play together' and I stay bellow level 20 to make bigger groups.

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