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when AI cheats (the lighter side)

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5 days ago

Here's some AI complaints... (most of this is meant to be humorous... I'm not really asking for a change)

Why do the "flybys" of birds NEVER miss? I've tried every combination of fly, swoop, turn, dodge, sprint, drop... and even when the video shows a complete miss, I get "ugh" and take damage. (granted it's not even enough to worry about... usually)

Why do creatures (specifically, lings and tripods) decide to disengage and go back to 100% health, most frequently when they're at 0.00001%!!! (and of course instantly re-engage now at full health)

Why to moas, rinos, mammoths, and scorpions (possibly others, wyrms?) keep up (speed up) when you sprint? (hello?, I'm trying to get AWAY from you!!)

(There's already another thread on this one) Why does the rino's and mammoth's ground stomp effect me even when I'm "50 feet" in the air? (physics anyone? 1/(r^2) yes??)

Frequent players want to know... :)

I'm still having fun, Firefly... thanks for a fun game!

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4 days ago

Valid points! I can't fix/solve everything at once, but here's some context.

The ground stomps damaging you while being in the air is pretty unfair, yes. I think I can fix that easily soonish.

The birds are just the way they are. If you hit them before they can strike I think they fly up into the air so you can kind of prevent that damage in some cases. I'm not sure if it's more fun if the birds miss at times – then you can just fully ignore them.

The healing creatures heal back to full when you are out of range to prevent cheesing them and/or killing them over multiple 'lives'. They are supposed to be challenging and need to be killed in one go. They should heal only when going passive.

As for creatures catching up while sprinting, you should be able to outrun them. Rhinos can charge of course, but the others shouldn't be able to catch up. Unless you get stunned or poisoned.

Still though: enjoy the current AI while I'll tweak it a bit for the near future.

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4 days ago

The way I fight when solo is to try to put a bush between myself and the enemy. I fire the red wand and heal myself when necessary that heals the monsters too but I usually end up ahead. When I'm doing this they can overwhelm me to the point where I can't heal or fly fast enough, sometimes another monster sneaks up behind me and my bush or tree position is overtaken. I usually run backwards and continue to attack as I retreat. This usually works out somehow except that I can't see where I'm going because I'm still attacking the monsters. Sometimes I end up trying to climb a mountain backward and I don't know it. Then many of the monsters are faster.

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2 days ago

Firefly, just to clarify:
- on the bird strikes, I'm already flying. When I'm on the ground, I'm able to avoid them.
- on the healing creatures, I'm hitting them the entire time, ... which means my hit range is longer than their aggro range (possibly 1-2 steps) ... Hmm, I'm OK w/ that! :P
- and yes, I can outrun everything, but not by much ... but you can see the listed creatures speed up when you sprint (I pull away, but they speed up too)

don't rush any changes :D

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