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3D as DLC

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23 days ago

from a chat on Discord...
It was suggested that there are other games in the mobile stores that are > 50MB, opening the possibility of AD supporting 3D on mobile platforms directly from the app stores. Having no real knowledge of app store limits or policies, I suggested that perhaps those other games use some form of DLC after installation from the app store. Perhaps, AD could use this method for providing 3D features to mobile users? ... as if FF needs more work on his plate...

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22 days ago

The Google Play Store has 'expansion files' that other applications and games use to ship more than 50 MiB of data. This requires a developer to integrate Google API and services that can't be used elsewhere. I find it very invasive and vendor-locked.

I'm comfortable having a small Angeldust version being available on the Google Play Store. It's the full game for free. Players interested in the whole Angeldust experience can get the HD APK for Android as part of the package:

Even though it's sometimes a bit of work to keep the APK within 50 MiB, I still prefer this approach to handing over Google full control over my APKs.

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