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Angeldust v3.15

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vor 13 Tagen

Angeldust v3.15 is rolling out today. and Steam already carry the update. The Google Play Store, iTunes App Store and Mac App Store will follow suit later today.

Notable changes include:

– render damage and healing number bubbles on player health bar
– player health bar changes color on hit (red), low health (orange) and healing (light violet)
– player health bar remains opaque while poisoned, frozen or at low health
– hero health bars now scale more linearly
– reduce intensity of full-screen flashing effects

– improve touchscreen scrolling responsiveness
– improve smoothness of in-hand block shape transitions
– add an 'alternate between items' mappable input action to switch between the two last selected items
– fix the game forgetting the last selected item after entering the UI
– replace the loud and spammy item sounds in the inventory with the common UI hover sound

– reduce texture upload stutter
– improve level-up granularity and detection for nearby players
– fix 'battle won' conditions triggering when fleeing a battle while riding some specific creature types
– ignore Tab when Alt is pressed to work around Alt-Tab triggering in-game actions on some window managers

There have also been some Angeldust game server changes this week, see this forum post for details:

Let me know if you run into any issues. We'll take a closer look at the update on the livestream today!

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vor 12 Tagen

nice update, bro.

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vor 12 Tagen

life-changing update dude

my wife that left me returned...

the kids like me again..

its amazing

thank you <3

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