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Health Potions

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18 days ago

I Was Going Around My Plot One Day When i had 2 Monsters Attacking me (They where at least a higher level then me) And I Nearly Died Thats When I Wondered Is There A Health Potion In The Game, If There Is not It Would Be A lot More Easy To Defeat High Level Monsters To gain Xp But I Don't Know How You Would Get Them.
Anyways Just A Thought In My Head


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18 days ago

There are 4 sources of health potions in game:
1) Sorceress' Life Dew wand
2) Builder's Dispenser
3) random chests
4) some of the creatures in purple magical areas (on their death)

IMHO, #1 is the only reliable source

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Kamikaze Justice

17 days ago

A couple of more sources for added life... One of the fighters' swords (i.e. The Lightblade), that you can buy at the Shop, raises your health a little when you hit a creature, but not nearly enough to offset the damage you'll get from creatures... also, if you ride your mount (i.e. horse, bear, or moa), you'll heal a little every few seconds. You'll need to buy a saddle at the Shop and throw it on one of the creatures you want to ride.

If you use a Scout, you can locate the Chests easier than any of the other characters, A small yellow "x" will locate the Chests for you.

It'd nice to store up health/life potions for when we need them, like the game, Diablo II, does.

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15 days ago

i want 2,255,566 rupees but now i have 265 please help me

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14 days ago

Go hunt. Hunt. Hunt. Hunt.

Oh wait, have you discovered all areas? Hunt new creatures? That should do some. Other than that, hunt is da wae.

Da wae.

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