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Terms of use and privacy

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6 months ago

With the release of Angeldust v3.0 I've updated the Angeldust terms of use again. Let's talk about your privacy.

I / Metagaming B.V. (my company, publisher of Angeldust) no longer store your e-mail address anywhere. Only a cryptographically hashed value of your e-mail address is stored. That hashed value is read when resetting account passwords.

All e-mail address information has been scrubbed from the Angeldust account database. The account details page on the website no longer shows your e-mail address. The terms of use no longer list 'an e-mail address' as personal data that is stored per account.

I'm really proud of this change, it's something I wanted to do for a long time. I believe everyone should be able to enjoy Angeldust under their own conditions and with respect to their privacy.

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