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ATTN: non-free soon!

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7 months ago

I've been informing everybody for weeks, months and even years now that Angeldust will "soon" become a paid game. This is your final official warning: Angeldust will become a paid game in one to two weeks.

The exact moment of this change is out of my control, but it will be in early December 2019. So get the game now on the platforms that you want to play on. Updates are free as long as you own the product on a given store.

This marks a major step towards the official release of Angeldust on Steam. A moment I've been looking forward to for a loooong time. More details on this soon, I want to make it a proper community event during a livestream.

Thanks to everyone for all the support the last few years and for contributing valuable feedback that made Angeldust a much better and more fun game!

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