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Call for artwork!

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During yesterday's livestream I did an informal call for artwork. Recently @ПсихокантроП suggested adding paintings to the game and that might be a fun idea. But… I don't have many paintings and I don't know what you all want in the game.

So: grab this unique chance to have your very own block(s) in the game. In the next two weeks you can post, PM or e-mail me finished art pieces that you think would be a nice Angeldust painting.

The artwork must be:
– your original work
– not-infringing on other parties' (copy)rights
– on a rectangular canvas
– finished; no works-in-progress
– related to the Angeldust game world and/or lore
– at least 640 pixels long on the longest edge

I will completely mangle your work to make it fit into the game, expect one or many of the following things to happen to your artwork to make it fit into the visual styles of Angeldust:
– your artwork will be scaled
– your artwork will be recolored
– your artwork will be simplified
– your artwork will be cropped

And worst of all: your artwork may not even pass my very strict artistic judgement and/or the entire "painting"-feature might not even make it to the game.

So in all it's probably only wise to work on this if you are very determined and want to take a moon shot at having a unique legacy in the game. Your (current) Angeldust player name will forever be next to your artwork in the inventory, shop, block picker and on the website.

Now, what kinds of works might make the cut? Don't worry too much about stylistic art choices. I think we can all agree that painters and illustrators in the world of Angeldust would be as diverse as the player base itself. Just be yourself and choose something comfortable for you.

On the livestream I showcased the works "Fighter" and "View of the Scout" by Rabotik and "Angel & Demon" by space is green. Both very obviously connect to Angeldust's game world and lore, even tough the visual style differs a lot between them. These pieces are definitely good examples of what I'm looking for.

I'm trying to paste URLs here:

Last formal thing: I'm only looking to (exclusively) license your work for reproduction in the Angeldust video game product and the Angeldust website. You will retain the full copyright over your work as well as being able to use it for making physical (merchandise) copies and prints. If your work becomes popular in the game, you could potentially retire in real life because of the sales you'd get. Or not :-)

Anyway, I'm fully aware that this entire call for artwork is very difficult to contribute to given the time limit, constraints and conditions. Still I hope we can make something work. You can also pull in people outside of the Angeldust community, but we'll have to find a way to accredit their works to an Angeldust player name later on.

Feel free to post follow-up questions in here. WIPs are welcome for feedback by others, but I won't comment on unfinished works since I can not guarantee inclusion into the game until the very last minute.

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I have PM'd you Firefly, I'm not sure how you post links on this forum?

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