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DEV: bugs, annoyances

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4 months ago

@Coltswalker instead of pushing T ... push Y ... sorted by last sent message

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4 months ago

@Hummm is on the money… the contact manager (Y-key) is purposefully designed for this.

If the chat log (T-key) would default to the last received private message you'd easily spill secrets to, or carry conversations with players you didn't want to.

# 63



3 months ago

The Y-Key contact manager is great! It is a game changer. Now when I hunt with a group, I can easily find them on the map if we get separated without having to teleport all the time.



When tracking other players, the compass direction "NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST" font becomes very tiny on the HUD. This is a problem as I can barely tell what direction I'm heading without squinting the heck out of my eyes to read the tiny font. It is not like this until player tracking is activated. Once player tracking is activate, the font size is greatly reduced on the compass direction indicator at the top of the screen. Is it necessary to reduce the font size this much?

So, I use 'Y', and activate player tracking, then I go to the 'M' map and I can see just where my friend is, say for example, Northwest of me. I go back to regular view to walk towards my friend while observing on the HUD at the top of the screen to see what direction I am going, and I see tiny pixels that I can barely read which indicate my compass direction. Please make that font larger when player tracking is activated.

Changing my own settings and resolution is not a viable answer as I do like the font size and interface size for everything else. The compass direction indicator is disproportionately small when player tracking is enable in relation to other interface elements in the HUD.

PC game version.

Post 61–63 of 63

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